do not enter sign

In the past couple of years since Covid shut down the schools and less people were coming to the building some bad habits have developed with Logan High School students. Driving down a one-way street the wrong way to try to beat the school buses out of the parking lot is one of them.  

Traffic on the island is heavy with three schools using the streets at the same time and the average wait time for all the regular buses to clear the island from both the middle school and high school is 9 minutes.  The elementary school parents are lined up in their lane of traffic headed towards the elementary school for pick up.

If a bus needed to get by the elementary school traffic and high school students are coming towards them head on, they would cause an accident or a traffic jam.  Because it is a one-way street that high school students have been turning down, if there were an accident, the driver that was going the wrong way would be at fault.  Juniors and Seniors who drive to school should park where they can pull out onto the correct lane of traffic.  Students should always adhere to traffic laws, even if the laws cause them to have to wait a few minutes until school buses are out of the way before exiting the parking lot.

Students who are caught going down the wrong way on the one-way street could lose their driving abilities, as parking on school property requires for students to obey the laws and the school rules.